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Episode 131 – Metroid This or That!

On this week’s episode, Dak and Doom play a game of Metroid This or That! We’ve got a bunch of different prompts and questions involving Metroid that Dak and Doom take their stances on. Would they rather take the slide or flash shift for the next 2D Metroid? Would they rather Samus have voice acting or not speak at all? And would they rather take on 1 Quadraxis sized Zoomer or 50 Zoomer sized Quadraxises? It’s time to find out!

Tune in to our first edition of Metroid This or That, as well as Dak and Doom’s thoughts on the recent Nintendo Direct and the leaks of Grand Theft Auto VI – is it the biggest leak in gaming history? Check it out and hang with the boys on this episode of the Omega Metroid Podcast!





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