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Check Out The MetroidHQ Marathon Already Underway Until August 8th!

MetroidHQ’s annual Metroid marathon is now underway, benefitting Child’s Play Charity and featuring a cast of great Metroid fans dropping in with runs and races across the entire Metroid series.

The marathon began earlier today and lasts until Monday, August 8th. This is an event for any and all kinds of Metroid fans, as you’ll find blocks for virtually every game in the Metroid series showcased throughout the marathon. MetroidHQ is hosting not just regular runs and races of these games, but Hard Mode runs, co-op attempts, and randomizer runs, as well. There’s even a Metroid Prime 1 & 2 cross-game randomizer 4-player run to cap off the show on Monday.

For Metroid community members, you’ll recognize many of the participating players during this event. And it’s great to see games like Metroid Prime Hunters, Federation Force, and even AM2R making appearances. Metroid Dread gets a double dip, as well, with back to back runs on Saturday, one of which being a randomizer run.

Be sure to head over to the MetroidHQ Twitch channel and Twitter to tune in and keep tabs on the event all weekend long!


Source: MetroidHQ