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A Little Piece of Metroid History: Check Out Captain N Comics 1 – 5

Back in the 90’s, Valiant Comics published a series based on a variety of Nintendo properties, including our favorite spacefaring saga, Metroid. The series followed Captain N (aka Kevin Keene) and his fellow companions as they hoped to save Videoland from Mother Brain and her evil forces.

It’s important to note that the creators took quite a few liberties in their adaptations of the Nintendo properties they incorporated. Any given issue is typically a mashup of characters and locations being used to tell a story outside of their original purpose. In issue No. 2 for example, Captain N teams up with Kid Icarus and Samus Aran to help save Princess Lana from being forever trapped in The Happy Zone.

It’s a fun series and Metroid Database has done a fantastic job at providing an archive of episodes 1 – 5. Check out their comics section and scroll down to Captain N The Game Master. Make sure you click the image and not the title below it! From there, you can browse till your heart’s content. I myself have only scratched the surface on some of these stories, but what I’ve seen thus far is interesting to say the least.

If you’re familiar with the original TV show, you know that the stories here can get pretty crazy at times. In fact, I highly recommend you check out Episode 122 – Reviewing “Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain” from Captain N: The Game Master of our podcast. This will give you an excellent idea of the sort of crazy mishaps the gang will find themselves in. Plus, it’s just a great episode to check out if you haven’t already.

Did you happen upon the comics or TV show back in the day? What do you think of the Captain N series? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: Metroid Database