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New Metroid Fan Album “Phazon: Metroid Saga” From Acclaimed Composer Rozen Releasing April 21st

If you’re anything like me and are constantly in need of new music, set your clocks for April 21! Popular composer and arranger, Rozen, will be releasing his latest album Phazon: Metroid Saga. The album includes 8 brand new tracks, one of which is currently available to preview on the store page.

Check out his announcement trailer below:

If you head over to the store page, you can pre-order the digital album for $14 or the CD for $25. If you pre-order, you’ll get the first track now via Bandcamp streaming and an MP3 download. Something else that’s cool is that the Digital Deluxe Edition is going to include hidden bonus tracks!

It’s important to note that the CD will NOT include the hidden tracks; however, any purchase of the physical copy will include the Digital Deluxe, so it’s a win win either way!

As I mentioned above, one track is currently available for preview: Magmoor Caverns. Give it a listen! As Rozen describes it, it combines the iconic industrial sounds with modern synth and orchestra. You can even hear some ever so lovely heavy guitar riffing at the start. About midway, it breaks out into an epic explosion of what I can only describe as war music. Drums take over the backdrop. You can feel Samus marching and fighting her way through the caverns. But it quiets again, making way for the softer yet tense moments. It’s a fantastic piece, capturing the tale of combat and exploration through the heated depths of Tallon IV. And this is only one track!

Again, I’m always in need of new music, and this is right up my alley. In fact, I may have already pre-ordered mine… But seriously though, check it out. If you love Metroid music, I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. And of course let us know what you think! What kind of Metroid music do you typically listen to? Original retro soundtracks? Metal Metroid? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Source: Rozen