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Check Out This Vs. Sylux Remix for Metroid Prime 4 by Seregoss

The Metroid Prime party never stops! With this week’s Metroid Prime remaster rumors and continued speculation on when we’ll see Metroid Prime 4, everyone’s talking about Metroid Prime in some way, shape, or form. Music producer Seregoss has also joined the fray with the upload of a new remix of the Vs. Sylux theme from Metroid Prime Hunters to their YouTube channel.

This remix is a concept for Metroid Prime 4, as Sylux is very much expected to play a big role in the upcoming Prime title. Seregoss’ take maintains the fast-paced, synth-heavy identity of the 2006 original. But this new remix goes much further, adding additional synths like sweet guitar riffs, stronger percussion, background vocals, a recognizable Metroid Prime motif, and more.

Although we still know very little about Metroid Prime 4 and Sylux’ possible appearance in the game, it’s safe to say that Sylux will get an awesome theme to go along with him. Seregoss’ remix provides a fresh take on Sylux’s battle theme that’s fun and exciting, and would be a welcome addition to the inevitable boss beatdown against him.

Let us know what you think about Seregoss’ Vs. Sylux remix and their other works. Seregoss previously worked on a Ridley theme concept for Metroid Dread, and their Youtube channel features other remix concepts inspired by Dread and Metroid Fusion.


Source: Seregoss