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How Would Ridley’s Theme Sound in Metroid Dread?

Metroid Dread brought back many common tropes used in the past by the series to continue the arcing storyline, but Ridley and his bombastic theme were nowhere to be found.  Amongst the X Parasites, Kraid, and that mysteriously evil looking Chozo at the end of Samus Returns that we now know to be Raven Beak, Ridley seemed to have missed the call to ZDR.

Seregoss has taken this opportunity to create a Ridley theme suitable for Metroid Dread if a hypothetical showdown was to happen between Samus and the notorious space dragon.  Seregoss’s VS Golden Claw Ridley is a unique take on the classic theme that fits perfectly with the music stylings of Metroid Dread.  Listen, and images of a Chozo-armored Ridley come crashing to your mind.

What do you think a fight against Ridley on ZDR would be like, especially with this new twist on the classic theme blasting in the background?


Source:  Seregoss