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Check Out this Amazing Samus Jack-o’-Lantern Suit!

Last October, Dread gave us the watermelon suit. This year, Reddit user XxgreencookiesxX treats us to an absolutely amazing Jack O Lantern suit. From head to arm cannon, their design is full of pumpkin goodness. Carved visor; giant jack o lantern shoulders; and even a devilish arm cannon that shoots out who knows what (pumpkin seeds?).

Overall, the color scheme is fantastic. That rich earthly orange contrasted against the deep gray, with just a hint of that typical green hue touching on the edges of the glowing carve outs, combined all those sharp edges and sleek anime design, and you’ve got one hell of a suit. 

I drew a Jack O Lantern themed Samus for Halloween 🎃 [OC] from gaming

What do you think? What Metroid game would you want to unlock this suit in? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: XxgreencookiesxX