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Examine What Makes Raven Beak’s Character Design So Good in This Short Video Analysis

Ever since Metroid fans first saw Raven Beak at the end of the second Metroid Dread trailer, they were captivated by who this powerful warrior could be, being able to completely shut down Samus so quickly and effortlessly. Just looking at the Dark Chozo, you can tell he means business, towering over Samus, wearing a Power Suit, wielding an Arm Canon, and using similar abilities as our heroine.

There’s more to Raven Beak’s design than just looking powerful and intimidating, however. YouTuber Oliverthegamer3 goes over what makes Raven Beak’s design tick, as he gives his thoughts on the subject in this YouTube Short. Oliver analyzes the color pallet, the framing, the robes, and the militant weaponry in his quick analysis. Did you come away noticing anything about Raven Beak’s character design that you hadn’t before? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: oliverthegamer3