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Check Out Figma Samus Taking on Bionicle Mother Brain!

The iconic SNES battle between Samus and Mother Brain has been recreated with a Figma figurine of Samus and an impressive Mother Brain model constructed completely out of LEGO Bionicle pieces!

Everyone remembers the battle between Mother Brain on Zebes and Samus Aran in Super Metroid. MootroidXproductions has certainly breathed new life into this iconic match-up. The stop motion coordination of both Figma Samus and the Bionicle Mother Brain is definitely impressive. The video utilizes the dexterity of both models to accurately recreate the battle, along with some extra added effects to captivate the viewer and show off the true firepower of each character.

MootroidXproductions’ channel is full of other awesome stop-motion content, including another Metroid project, “Prelude to Dread.” You’ll find other cool videos featuring Halo, Power Rangers, and more elsewhere on the channel.

Let us know what classic Metroid fights you’d like to see recreated using models just like these!

Source:  MootroidXproductions