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Vibe With This Haunting New Metroid Album, “Samus & Piano”

Get ready to embark on an emotional musical journey through the Metroid series, courtesy of our pal Tune in with Chewie. The musical artist, who Metroid fans will know for his incredible lo-fi album ‘Samus & Chill‘, has released a new record called ‘Samus & Piano‘ that serves as a companion piece to the aforementioned ‘Samus & Chill’ album. Samus & Piano sees Chewie recreating the tracks, like ‘The Theme of Samus’ and ‘Lower Brinstar’, featured on his first album with just an acoustic piano, adding to the atmosphere and immersiveness of each track.

Produced by DJ Cutman and GameChops Records, this new album features all twelve tracks from ‘Samus & Chill’ as well as three new bonus songs: ”SR388 Underground’, ‘Dark Samus’, and ‘Upper Brinstar’, making the musical journey around the series even more evocative. 

For anyone looking into more insight on how albums like this are made and the creative process behind them, make sure to check our our talk with Tune in with Chewie from late 2021. 

Samus & Piano is available to stream on YouTube, Spotify, and more, so make sure you check it out! For more great lo-fi music, make sure to check out both GameChops and Tune in with Chewie on YouTube.

Source: GameChops