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The Great Metroid Area Ranking: Main Deck + Distribution Centre (AM2R) + Celestial Archives

Welcome back to The Great Metroid Area Ranking, the Hunter-Tier Patreon exclusive show where I, Andy Spiteri, will be ranking every single area in the Metroid series! This month, I’m joined by my main man Mr. Doominal Crossing to rank three areas that all focus on transporting players around the game! First, we get Metroid Prime Hunters’ debut on the show with the N64-like Celestial Archives, touching on the Kanden fight, Perfect Dark resemblance, and yellow transport crystals; next, we revisit AM2R to talk about the Distribution Centre and its maze of different teleporters, its underwater combat, and its amazing original music; and end with the Main Deck from Metroid Fusion, a perennially underrated area that features amazing moments that happen in the area versus the area itself being amazing. What ends up getting the highest spot this month? Come listen to find out!

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