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SamoStudios Releases Updated Version of Metroid Cinematica

For many years Metroid fans have speculated about what a Metroid movie might be like. But what should a Metroid movie sound like?

Back in 2014, Sam Dillard provided his own answer with the release of the original Metroid Cinematica. The goal of Metroid Cinematica was not to be a cover album, but to be a musical experience throughout the 2D Metroid games up to the Prime games in the form of an epic film-style score. In the years following, Sam has completed other Cinematica albums and improved his skills.

Now, Sam has revealed the new and improved Metroid Cinematica Recharged. Recharged includes most of the tracks from the original, now remastered, enhanced with better instruments, or remade from scratch and taken in a different direction. On top of this, there are plenty of brand new songs that make Metroid Cinematica Recharged more than just a re-release.

The release video is worth the watch too, not just for the announcement, but for the stunning animation that goes along with it!

Be sure to check out this near 2 hour-long musical journey through your favorite Metroid games down below! Make sure to let us and Sam know what you think.