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New Metroid Prime-Inspired Album by SynaMax Available Now!

Electronic music producer SynaMax has released his long anticipated album, Eclipse, a series of tracks inspired by the Metroid Prime games.

Eclipse is a brand new full length album featuring 11 Metroid Prime-inspired pieces of music, alongside a bonus remix by SynaMax’s partner, shoffur. Eclipse follows Samus Aran for an entire mission, beginning with the opening track “Set Course,” culminating with the final boss track of “Void Chrysalis,” and finishing with the grand finale of “Liberator.”

Eclipse has a much darker tone than most of the other Metroid Prime-inspired tracks SynaMax has worked on in the past. The album has a greater focus on the long drones and sustained pads that were signature to the sound of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. These can be heard in several tracks like the aforementioned “Set Course,” “Eclipse” (below), “Dead Signal,” and “Altar,” the latter of these being an homage to the “Dark Energy Controller” ambience also from Echoes.

The music is meant to be listened to as a single concept album. However, if I were to pick just one favorite track, I would have to go with the titular “Eclipse”. This track opens with the signature drones of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes as mentioned earlier, but further on also incorporates percussion patterns and choirs more akin to some of the cavern areas from Metroid: Samus Returns. The piano melody which is put out in front adds a sense of mystery and foreboding throughout the piece that pairs well with everything else being underscored.



While the core of the album is contextualized around the shared material from the Metroid Prime Trilogy, the album also takes some really interesting creative liberties by utilizing material not found on the trilogy, including Kosmik Kode (Vol 1-4) by shoffur. There’s also some really fun easter eggs on the album that astute fans will get a kick out of too, including a certain Super Metroid sample I won’t spoil found on “Escapecore.”

Since 2019, SynaMax has uncovered and documented several of the original synth patches, pads, and sample libraries that were used by Kenji Yamamoto throughout the Metroid Prime Trilogy. SynaMax incorporated the material into new original music that feels like its right out of Metroid Prime. These tracks would eventually make their way onto Bandcamp in the form of an EP and some singles, the last of these being released in 2022. Since then, fans have eagerly been awaiting to hear new material.

You can grab Eclipse today from SynaMax’s Bandcamp and pages in a variety of formats. The album is currently free until May 9th, with the option to contribute a donation.

Source: SynaMax