Episode 103 – Building Our All-Star Metroid Game!

This week, we’re taking a little inspiration from the sporting world and assembling an all-star team of different Metroid parts in order to build the ultimate Metroid game! We break down our picks for the greatest themed areas and enemies in Metroid, which is tough because, while some are easy (I’m sure we all know what our pick for favorite Ice themed area is), others are way harder (so many good Fire themed areas to choose from!). We go back and forth, picking a water areas, Ridley fights, escape sequences, scary areas, Metroid types and more! Come play along with us!

All this, PLUS some Batman talk and a reflection of the crazy week that was as OmegaMetroid.com officially launched! Come hang out, and consider supporting us on Patreon if you can!

Play along!

Rock Area:
Water Area:
Ice Area:
Fire Area:
Forest Area:
Tech Area:
Scary Area:
Ridley Fight:
Shinespark Puzzle:
Type of Metroid:
Escape Sequence:


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