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Speedrunner Claims World Record in Two Metroid Dread Boss Rush Categories

As we continue our recent coverage of Metroid speedrunning, there’s one discipline we haven’t taken to task just yet – speedrunning Metroid Dread’s Boss Rush mode.

Speedrunner Marshmard has taken this mode to task though, claiming two world records in Dread’s Boss Rush mode just within the past week.

According to, Marshmard now holds the world record for completing Boss Rush in both Standard mode and in Dread mode. Marshmard’s Standard run clocks in at 6 minutes 10 seconds, while their Dread mode run hit 6 minutes and 54 seconds. Marshmard nailed the Dread mode record on July 23rd, then followed up with claiming the Standard record yesterday on July 27th.

Both of these records are held in the No Turbo sub-category, which means use of turbo controllers is not allowed. There are turbo-allowed sub-categories for both Standard mode and Dread mode, as well, but at the moment Marshmard has no attempts at these sub-categories. On the same day Marshmard claimed the Dread No-Turbo Boss Rush world record, speedrunner tombstonesandufos took the Turbo Standard Boss Rush world record at 5 minutes and 31 seconds.

As Metroid Dread is still a relatively new game, and the speedrunning meta across multiple categories continues to evolve, it’s fascinating to watch these speedrunners one-up each other as routes and techniques are further honed.

You can check out Marshmard’s awesome boss rush speedruns on their YouTube channel, both the Standard and Dread mode runs.


Source: Marshmard