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Learn More About “The Living Weapon” Kanden in this Metroid Lore Video!

For many veterans of the DS multiplayer focused title Metroid Prime Hunters, one of the most tantalizing aspects of the game was playing as a character not named Samus and being able to experience the Metroid world through a different visor. One character that players had the ability to play as was Kanden, described as “a lab experiment gone awry” and a member of a species known as the Enoema. In a recent video, YouTuber ThatMetroidGuy takes a close look at “The Living Weapon” and details Kanden’s background, his play style, and some theories about how Samus and Kanden share more in common then it might seem.

Give the video a watch and make sure that you check out the rest of ThatMetroidGuy’s content! Know any Hunters fans who mained Kanden back in the day? Would you want to see a similar deep dive on another playable hunter? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: ThatMetroidGuy