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Episode 88 – Definitively Ranking Metroid Dread

Strap in, because the absolute, definitive review of Metroid Dread is here! With more than a month to sit on the game and collect their though, Andy, Dak, and Doom get together for one of our longest shows ever. We talk story, we talk music, we talk expansions and so much more! You won’t want to miss the latest entry in our Definitive Ranking series!

Just as a refresher, the categories we’re ranking each game in are:

– World / Atmosphere (the vibe, the setting, the mood)

– Art Style (design of Samus, the enemies, the graphics in general)

– Story (what works, what doesn’t)

– Pacing / Progression (are there any parts that really bog the player down, or is it still fun getting lost?)

– Gameplay / “Gimmick” (what new or different gameplay aspects we like)

– Items / Abilities (how are the powerups and are they cool and practical)

– Areas (how does each individual area look, feel, play, etc.)

– Enemies / Bosses (are they fun, creative, etc.)

– Expansions / Powerups (are the expansions hidden throughout the world fun, creative, and enjoyable to collect?)

– Music (are we humming along?)

Of course, all of these are subjective, and we’re putting our critics hats on, but we want to hear what you have to say on Twitter!


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