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Help Samus Celebrate the Holidays with these Metroid Ornaments

I love the holiday season. From the frequent smell of baked goods making their way from the kitchen to the holiday lights filling the streets. It’s a time, and I hope this goes for everyone, where things tend to slow down. You truly get to sit back and enjoy the season, though I suppose if you’re like me, that actually means barreling down the mountainside on skis, but to each their own.

Then of course, there’s the holiday tradition of decorating the tree. You dust off the old boxes from the shed and reminisce as you meticulously fill the tree with ornaments collected over the years. The 3-year anniversary bulb you got together on travels? Check. That strange snoopy looking thing from Uncle Ernie? That can go on the other side. That incredible 3D printed Metroid logo, wait, what?

Oh yeah, that’s right. Over on Etsy, you can pick up your choice of a Metroid Prime or Metroid Fusion ornament to help Samus celebrate the holidays. And if you catch ‘em quick, you can still make it before the season’s over! So, slide over strange ornament I’m not quite sure what you are; Metroid gets its own place on the tree this year.

What do you think of the ornaments? Does your tree already have some Metroid dangling from the branches? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: PlanePerfect3D