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Episode 74: Alien: Isolation – Inspired By Metroid

After a long hiatus, Inspired By Metroid returns, and in a somewhat serendipitous turn of events, we examine a game modeled after the great 3D Metroids that’ from the series that helped inspire Metroid! That’s right, its finally time to talk Alien! Andy is joined by Zelda Dungeon and Boss Rush Network’s David Lasby – himself a lifelong Alien fan – to talk about the terrifying atmosphere of Isolation, the incredible AI powering the Xenomorph, the fearsome Worker Joe’s, the amazing aesthetic, the gameplay, the map, the length, and so much more!

How close in concept will the E.M.M.I’s of Metroid Dread function to the Alien? What would a Fusion remake with a Xeno-like SA-X stalking you be like? How does Amanda Ripley stack up to her iconic mother, Ellen? And how similar are Weyland-Yutani and the Galactic Federation? Come hang out with us and find out!


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