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Episode 194 – Area 7 (Chozo Laboratory): Mapping Metroid!

Mapping Metroid is back for another kick at the can, and this time we’re going where we’ve never gone before: Metroid: Samus Returns! We’re examining the fan favorite Area 7, aka the Chozo Laboratory, and breaking it down in great detail! We touch on the size of the area and its lack of items or boss fights, break down the three different Omega Metroid fights and what makes them so incredible, discuss the lore of this area as the birthplace of the Metroid species, analyze some of the crazy Spiderspark puzzles, gush about the amazing piece of music that helps this area stick out, and offer our opinions on the areas of Samus Returns as a whole and how the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

All this, PLUS some quick hits at the beginning, Game Awards talk, and so much more! Come hang out with us!






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