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Episode 97 – Metroid Q&A Part 1: Should Samus Ever Be The Antagonist in a Metroid Game?

We’re putting YOU the listener in the drivers seat as we creep closer to our big Episode 100 supershow! We asked for Metroid questions and you delivered in droves, so much so that this episode is only part 1 of our Metroid Q&A! Topics include: Should Samus ever be the antagonist of a Metroid game? What’s our favorite Super Metroid enemy sprite? Who should play Samus in a Metroid movie? Is there an indie game that would work with a Metroid skin applied to it? If Metroid characters were in a band, who plays what? Was Metroid Dread the end of the 2D story, or could there be more followup in the future?

All this and so much more, plus our thoughts on Microsoft and Activision! Come and chill out with us!



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