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Episode 137 – Alien In Review: The Tragic Twists of Alien³

Alien In Review returns to tackle the third installment of the series that inspired Metroid: the much maligned Alien³.  Directed by David Fincher, Alien³ places Ripley against a single Xenomorph on the abandoned prison on planet Fiorina. Andy and Gooey Fame go over the troubled development of the film, what we thought of the movies big twist at the beginning, how the reveal at the ending was handled, the differences between the much-better Assembly Cut (or extended cut, which they watched) versus the theatrical release, and how Alien³ wanders back into horror-movie territory, but phycological horror!

Buckle in for a long one, cause there is ton to talk about! Alien In Review will return in 2023 to continue the saga! In the meantime, if you like Andy and Goo talking movies, check out their other podcast Virtual Theater, a podcast about video game movies and the stories that shape them!





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