Episode 12: Does Paper Mario: The Origami King Give Weight to the ‘New 2D Metroid in 2020′ Rumors?

What in the world was up with that Samus reference in the new trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King? Was it just a coincidence, or something more? This week, Andy and Dak discuss the months long rumors about a new Paper Mario and 2D Metroid game coming to the Switch and debate what the chances a new Metroid game coming out in 2020 are now since the other half of the rumor came true.

We also put on our fun caps and talk about what a Paper Metroid game would look like! A paper ball Morph Ball? Reformed Space Pirates and Cowardly Sheegoths as Samus’ partners? Heck yeah!

Come hang out with us this week as we have some talking spinoffs, cameos, rumors, and more!



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