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Episode 113 – Recreating Metroid: Other M’s Story (While Using the Same Basic Premise)

Yes, we’re talking about Metroid: Other M again, the most controversial Metroid game that Metroid fans can’t seem to be able to forgive or forget. But this week, Andy is arguing that the basic premise of the game (“Samus, emotionally reeling following the events of Zebes, answers a distress call on a mysterious GF ship where she meets her old commanding officer and learns of a sinister conspiracy involving GF-made biological weapons, all while dealing with a traitor amongst the ranks trying to keep the conspiracy a secret.”) isn’t all that bad, and with a few tweaks and character changes, it could be really good! Andy is trying to sell our pal KiwiTalkz on his new version of the story with a different payoff for the Deleter, a retooled MD and Madeline Bergman, a more Alien-esq approach to Little Birdie and Ridley, and a complete change in the way that Samus and Adam interact!

All this, PLUS we touch on the recent comments from former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé about Metroid: Other M missing the mark. Come let us know if you think Andy’s story draft is an improvement, or if the basic premise is too flawed to succeed!

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