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Episode 102 – How Metroid Dread Can Be Represented in the Next Smash Bros.

Ahead of a major OMEGA METROID DIRECT dropping on March 3rd, the boys are back together discussing two of their favorite things: Metroid and Smash Bros.! We sit down to discuss how the release of Metroid Dread could influence the next Smash Bros. game. We go over what Raven Beak could look like as a playable character, how the E.M.M.I. Zone could be the greatest Metroid stage yet, what kind of Assist Trophy the X parasite might be, if the quiet stillness of the E.M.M.I. Zone music would work, and so much more!


All this, plus some travel talk and more details on the Omega Metroid Direct! Make sure you check it out March 3rd, available in podcast and video form!




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