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Watch This Video Analyzing What Makes Metroid Dread’s Suits So Great

A new Metroid title typically means new suits for the title’s hero Samus, and Metroid Dread delivered on all fronts.  The moment Metroid Dread was announced in the summer of 2021, the new blue “Dread” suit Samus was wearing as she dropped into frame was the topic of discussion by all.  Oliverthegamer3 discusses in their videos what they love about the Power Suit, Varia Suit, and Gravity Suit and why it works so well with Samus as a character.  The organic looking fibers, the physical references to the Metroid DNA Samus has, and of course the iconic should pads.  Metroid Dread has seemed to take aspects from all of Samus’s suits with their original bulky designs in Super Metroid and the Prime trilogy and mixed them with the sleek stripped down suit of Metroid Fusion and created a new suit that I believe hits all of the checks in the box for her best suit yet.  Personally, I don’t think Samus has ever looked better than in her Metroid Dread Gravity Suit.  Let us know what your favorite suit Samus wears in Metroid Dread is or any other Metroid games!

Source:  oliverthegamer3