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New Super Metroid Speedrunning World Record (Any%) Achieved!

Back in August of 2020, famed speedrunner Zoasty beat the previous world record for speedrunning Super Metroid (any%). In a mere 40 minutes, 46 seconds he defeated Mother Brain and left planet Zebes in ruins. The last Metroid lay in waste, the planet in debris, and here a world record stood still, undefeated by milliseconds… until today.

As of now, the new Super Metroid Any% world record pends its latest submission. Zoasty, in all his glory defeated his previous record by .02 seconds–a frame’s worth of time. And in doing so, has maintained the mighty and rightful prize of holding the world record. Any% is a Super Metroid speedrunning category that, like the name implies, allows players to finish the game with no set requirement on item completion, allowing them grab “any percentage” of items the player chooses.

It never ceases to amaze me, the skill and discipline one must have in enduring the speedruns. A single misstep and hours are lost. Yet here we are, in a live performance, mere milliseconds dividing the line between winner and defeat, and still one rises above the challenge. It’s an amazing accomplishment.

And who knows, at what point do we truly reach the limit for Super Metroid Speedruns? Is it possible still to shave off a millisecond? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Zoasty (via Metroid Database)