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Metroid Musing: Would You Like To See Any of the Characters From Other M Return?

You know, I know, we all know what happened with Metroid: Other M. So much has been written and discussed and dissected about what went wrong or could have and should have happened with that game that it seems redundant to start another conversation about authorization, melodrama, or “the baby”. What I’m curious about is the good qualities of the game – and to be sure, there are good qualities! – being recognized again by Nintendo, specifically when it comes to some of the characters of the game. If you remember the plot of Metroid: Other M, we actually had more than a couple characters live to see another day, including Madeline Bergman, the Commander from the Galactic Federation, and fan-favorite Anthony Higgs.

I had thought Nintendo content to pretend that Other M never existed, but with the promotional artwork that was included in Metroid Dread depicting the events of Other M, it got me wondering if we may ever see any of those surviving characters pop up again in a Metroid game. I’m actually all for it, since I think that by using those characters again and making them cool in their next appearance, we can retroactively assign a bit of value to Other M and salvage some of the mess that game turned out to be by having that silver lining.

What do you think, Metroid fans? Would you welcome seeing Anthony, Madeline, and company in any future Metroid games, or should the events of Other M be kept as separate from the rest of the series as possible? Let us know in the comments below!