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Metroid Musing: Would a Third Pursuer-Type Enemy Be Too Much?

Samus has shown time and again that she’s one of if not the most dangerous being in the galaxy. Despite this, there have been two instances where Samus has been pursued by a seemingly unstoppable enemy while in a weakened state. The first is the most iconic aspect of Metroid Fusion, the SA-X, an X Parasite clone of Samus at full power, complete with all of Samus’ memories and experiences. The SA-X, however, has no restraint and is constantly on the hunt for one thing: Samus Aran, the last Metroid in the universe.

The second time Samus had to deal with a seemingly unstoppable pursuer was in Metroid Dread. Samus’ abilities once again get stripped away as she has to navigate upward through the planet ZDR to escape in her ship. All the while, she encounters the robotic stalkers called E.M.M.I.’s. There is at least some hope of dealing with the E.M.M.I., for in their assigned zones the E.M.M.I.are controlled by a Central Unit, a biocomputer looking eerily similar to Mother Brain and giver of the energy necessary to give Samus the Omega Cannon. This weapon allows Samus to break through the E.M.M.I.’s seemingly impenetrable defences and puts them down for the count.

Both the E.M.M.I.and SA-X are deadly and intense in their own way, and both have advantages and disadvantages when compared to how the player has to deal with them and how to stop them in the end. As a result of Samus being the hunted instead of the hunter, the SA-X and E.M.M.I. have become a prominent aspect of their respective games. However, should this sort of thing be done a third time? Metroid Dread ended with Samus’ Metroid DNA going out of control and greatly increasing her power, yet this could make her a threat in the eyes of many and being the last Metroid in the universe plenty of third parties will send someone or something to pursue Samus. Despite this, the E.M.M.I. was used in the newest Metroid game, there’s going to be another pursuer type threat? Never say never for both the long and short term but would having Samus be hunted for a third time be too much or should the concept be put on hold for a while? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!