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Metroid Musing: How Would You Rank the Series Based on How Often You Play Them?

I recently finished Metroid Fusion as part of the 20 year celebration. It didn’t sit as well with me this time around as I thought it would though, and it got me thinking. How would I rank the Metroid games now-a-days? Over the years, my tastes have change. Fusion once seemed up there with Super, but even now I find Super not so near the top of the list.

As I tried ranking the different games, this one over that, I realized I couldn’t do it. It’s like someone asking for your favorite movie and me needing at least a top 5. But then I thought, what about how often I play them? I love playing Prime 1. I played it again this past Fall as part of its 20 year celebration and loved it. I’d happily play it again tomorrow. But then I could care less about playing Super. It’s a fantastic game. I myself consider it one of the best in the series, yet it sits on my shelf more often than not.

So, as I thought through the different games, I decided to rank them on how often I like to play them. Now these aren’t literal buckets, but they do represent how I feel when wanting to play a Metroid game. Metroid Prime 1? Absolutely. Other M? You Betcha. Hunters? Maybe tomorrow.

It’s interesting how we rank our bests. Take “the guilty pleasure” for example. We admit it’s bad and yet we purposefully watch or play it more often than others. It’s like my love for Other M. I completely understand other people’s dislike for the game. I myself cringe at quite a few moments, and yet I’ll happily play it more often than Super. The point is, it’s an interesting way to view our beloved series.

So, what about you? How would you rank the Metroid series based on how often you’d play them? Share your list and thoughts in the comments below.


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