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Metroid Dread, Kaizo Super Metroid Scheduled for SGDQ 2022

Games Done Quick has announced their schedule for their 2022 summer line up, and Metroid Dread is on the list making its inaugural appearance along with Kaizo Super Metroid.  Almost every Metroid game in the series has a well established speed running community supporting it, so it is no surprise that Metroid Dread had speed runners tackling the game immediately upon the game’s release.  The window of time between Metroid Dread in October of 2021 and the schedule cut off for AGDQ marathon in the winter of 2022 was too short for the game to make the cut, so Metroid and speed running fans have been anxiously waiting for the game’s grand appearance.  They now have to wait no longer! 

Tune into Games Done Quick’s annual charity event Summer Game’s Done Quick June 26th-July 3rd for a marathon schedule of video games being speed run to raise money for Doctors Without Borders.  Metroid Dread is scheduled to be run on July 2nd at 2:14pm EST followed by Kaizo Super Metroid ( a notoriously difficult Super Metroid ROM) at 3:45 EST.  Don’t miss what will be two amazing runs and an opportunity to help raise money for an amazing cause!

Source:  Games Done Quick