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Explore the Terror Behind Metroid Fusion

Isolation.  The unknown.  An unseen threat.  Being hunted.  Almost every Metroid game is built on around the central theme of being alone and fighting you’re way out against an enemy.

Metroid Fusion took that formula seen in the first three games of the series and amplified it to new levels. Video Game Animation Study has dug into this next level of the Metroid formula, and why Metroid Fusion may be the most frightening game in the series.

Not only are you alone, but you’re alone because everyone has been killed onboard the B.S.L.  There is little known about this new enemy, but what you do know is that it’s stronger than you and actively hunting you down. This GBA classic has struck fear into the hearts of  gamers since 2002 when it injected the new element of terror into the series like never before.

Let us know what you think are the most fear inducing moments of Metroid Fusion, and the series as a whole!


Source:  Video Game Animation Study