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Episode 71: Theorizing How Metroids, Ridley, and the Space Pirates Could Be Used in Metroid Dread

Welcome back to another great week of Metroid bliss! This episode is split in two parts – the first half, we theorize what kind of role – if any – Metroids and the “Dark” and “Light” Chozo will play, if we could see an E.M.M.I. fashioned after Ridley, and what role, leadership, and allegiances the Space Pirates might have. In the second half, we weight in on some comments series producer Yoshio Sakamoto made to Famitsu (as translated by Nintendo Everything) about topics such as Samus, speedrunning, cutscenes, and more.

Come hang out with us, and get ready for next week as we bring back the Definitive Ranking!


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