Episode 199 – Omega Metroid VS. The Zelda Cast in Zelda/Metroid-Themed Jeopardy!

Welcome welcome to our TWO HUNDREDTH EPISODE CELEBRATION (okay, we’re cheating by one week to match up with The Zelda Cast gang)! This episode is a special one, as we’re celebrating six years of The Zelda Cast, five years of Virtual Theater, and four years of Omega Metroid by getting all of our amazing hosts (sans Gooey!) into one place to answer some Zelda, Metroid, and Virtual Theater trivia in the form of Jeopardy! This is an episode where, if you can, you should check out the video version to get the best experience (click here to watch on YouTube). This episode is hosted by myself, Andy Spiteri, and features a who’s-who of talent, including Alasyn Eletha, Jules Gia, Dak Lasky, and Doominal Crossing, so get ready for fun trivia, tons of shenanigans, and a great time!

To everyone that’s listened over the past four years, THANK YOU! Without you, there is no podcast, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you again to everyone that’s been a part of this crazy journey!


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