Episode 167 – How Could An Open World Metroid Game Work?

With Andy and Doom both hopelessly enamoured by The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, they guys take a break from exploring Hyrule to theorize how an open world Metroid game might work! Is the open world concept antithetical to a Metroidvania game? Could you have a Metroid-equivalent for Shrines? How would visors work in this environment? Is going 3D platformer the way to go versus first person? How could you keep the concept of locks and keys while pushing the idea that you can go anywhere? And is the Space Jump the key to the whole thing?

Come find out, PLUS we give some light spoiler free thoughts on Tears of the Kingdom and what we think so far! Come let us know if you’d play our hypothetical open world Metroid game!


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