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Episode 130 – Remakes, Releases, Beams, Directs, and More in Metroid Q&A!

Welcome back to another instalment of the only weekly Metroid podcast on the internet! This week, we’re answering your fan questions and touching on a top of different topics, including: what do we think a realistic timeline to release Metroid Prime 4, Trilogy and/or Prime HD is? Should Metroid Fusion get a remake before we get Metroid 6? Would we rather multiple stackable beams, or a more classic offering? Should future Metroid Prime games take place after Dread in the timeline? What Metroid game other than Super or Fusion needs a remake most? What’s up with this September Nintendo Direct? Would Metroid and F-Zero feel completely ridiculous in the same universe?

All this and so much more, PLUS some personal victories for Doom and vacation talk from Andy! Come hang out!





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