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Learn the Incredible Story Behind the Development of AM2R

Another Metroid 2 Remake, also known as AM2R, is one of the greatest, most legendary, and most celebrated fan created games of all time.  Milton Guasti (Doctor M64), a programmer and sound engineer from Argentina shares their story of how the game came to be and their experience creating the game with interviewers Ariana Isbell and Alexander Brazie from Game Design Skills.  Beyond the clear inspiration of the original Metroid II in this remake, Guasti provides context and story to their approach to making AM2R when first getting their feet wet in the field of game design. 

Guasti discusses their perseverance over ten years in the development of the game while maintaining communications with the Metroid community for input, inspiration, and motivation and the jubilant response from the community upon its release.  The notorious response from Nintendo to Guasti’s enormous project is also noted upon and the resulting career opportunities that flowered from the ashes of their hard work.  Truly an amazing story that will make any Metroid fan smile and want to play AM2R again or for the first time, this interview is a must for any fan of the series.  Let us know what you think about AM2R and the incredible story behind the development of the greatest fan created game of all time.

Source:  Game Design Skills